Digilinck is environmentally responsible

We contribute to a better environment. That means we use paper products originating from responsible forest management. And we are careful with our waste products. Digilinck is a ‘green’ printing company.
Cardboard from responsible forest management
Globally, 36 football fields of forests disappear every minute. Deforestation also contributes to 15% of global CO2 emissions and is thus a significant contributing factor in climate change. Eighty percent of animals depend on the forest to live, just like the millions of people who live or work in the forests.
According to the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council), the best way to preserve forests is to use them, but in a responsible way. By buying FSC wood, you are contributing to preserving forests and a healthy living environment for humans and animals all over the world. That is why, at Digilinck, we use cardboard originating from responsible forest management.FSC Chain of Custody Certificate
‘Green printers’

We are imprim’ vert certified. This means that we have demonstrated that we practice environmentally sound printing. This means, among other things:

  1. We do not use substances that are toxic to the environment.
  2. We store hazardous fluids safely.
  3. We dispose of the empty ink cartridges and other empty packaging from hazardous fluids properly.
  4. We make sure that all staff are environmentally aware and we continually look for measures to save the environment within our printers. New staff are actively involved in this.
  5. Every quarter, we monitor our energy and gas consumption and see where we can reduce our use.

Imprim’vert certificate

Show that you also think the environment is important!
If, as a customer, you would like to contribute to a better environment, then you can have your boxes printed on cardboard originating from responsible forest management and printed in our ‘green print shop’. The FSC logo or Imprim’ Vert-logo on your boxes is a message to your customers that you consider the environment a priority.

We will be more than happy to tell you about the possibilities. Contact us